Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life In A Bubble

"you were born in the wrong era!" my parents have constantly said to me and they have a point. I fell in love with the 1960's from a very young age, bopping around to the likes of Dusty Springfield and The Everly Brothers, backcombing my hair into huge beehives and lining my eyes with thick eyeliner. Yep, I'm definitely a 60's flower child and the other day, I came across this beautiful pictorial from 'Harper's Bazaar' 1963, called 'The Bubble Series'.

This series was shot by photographer 'Melvin Sokolsky' whose vision came from a re-occurring dream he had about being inside a bubble and floating over exotic locations. He was so inspired by his dream but he was worried that it may be too complicated to portray what he saw in his mind onto film.

"with the awareness that I was prone to live in my own head much of the time, and inclined to severe self-criticism, I began to have doubts whether I could create images on film that reflected the images in my mind's eye"

The shoot took place in Paris and to me just describes the 1960's perfectly. It's an era were a lot of new and exciting things were happening especially in the world of Fashion and Art. This photo series shows that anything is possible, it's exciting, makes you wonder and beautiful to just get lost in. 

For more info about this series and more from Melvin Sokolsky, please check out the website HERE

What's your favourite era?

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  1. So interesting photos! *O*
    The model's outfits are great!

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  2. What a great shots! But agreed, I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

    1. thank you lovely ^^
      we should go time travelling together!

  3. My favourite era is the 50's, without the racism and sexism though haha, I love how everyone dressed up just everyday, life looked much more artistic =)

  4. Wow, these are amazing!
    I was definitely born in the wrong decade too. I'm like a mixture of 50's, 60's and 70's hehe.


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