Sunday, 13 April 2014

20 Facts About Me

Today, I'm finally coming back to blogging after a month off. Life has been really up and down lately (mainly down) which is why I've not blogged for a while. I just haven't had the energy or the confidence to sit down and write but I've missed everyone so much so *fingers crossed* I'm back. 

Being away for a while has kind of left me a little lost with what to blog about so I thought maybe a 'Facts about me' post would be a good starting point? I've seen this tag a lot on Youtube recently so I figured, why not give it ago..ok let's start,

  1. My middle name is Jane
  2. Favourite colours are mint and soft pink
  3. I live with my amazing fiance/best friend in the whole wide world, Declan aka Deccy 
  4. I have a cat. She's half persian and half tabby. She's called Dusty! 
  5. I named my cat after the 60's pop icon Dusty Springfield, who is one of my biggest inspirations. 
  6. I have a hamster called Mr Jangles. He's long haired and loves peanuts and banana chips. 
  7. I have 2 older sisters. 
  8. My sisters told me when I was little, that fairies came to play in my hair at night and that's why you wake up with knotty hair. Fully believed that!
  9. I would love to go to Japan. I'd like to live there someday. 
  10. I used to travel to Spain every year to visit my Grandad who lived there. 
  11. I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now. 
  12. Favourite animals are Slow Loris, Sharks and Penguins. (but I also love cats and dogs)
  13. When I was 17, I won a scholarship to go to a Musical Theatre/Dance College. I trained there for three years and also met my bestest friend Lynsey <3 :="" besties="" li="" re="" still="" we="">
  14. Favourite scent, vanilla or Vera Wang's Princess perfume.
  15. My parents think I was born in the wrong era. I was meant to be a flowerchild of the 60's. 
  16. I'm recovering from a 10 year battle with Anorexia. I'm getting there..slowly.
  17. I love Japanese Street Fashion. My favourite magazine is Kera.
  18. I was born in a tiny town in Lancashire. Deccy still laughs at my accent sometimes :')
  19. I love learning about different cultures. I would love to travel to Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea and America. I also love art and would love to do an Art tour around Europe.
  20. I don't like hugs.   
I really hope that you liked this little post. I would love to see you do a 'facts about me' blog too, would be lovely to see what you're interested in! My blog has also had a little tidy up, with some new headers and cute stuff, let me know if you like the new design. 

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing day


  1. Yay! Your back, love that photo by the way. I'm glad your feeling better as well. Loved the facts, I dont think I could ever write 20 facts, my mind goes blank~! Lol my fave magazine is also Kera, I love how it has so many different styles and it's a really great overview for Japanese fashion. It has my fave japanese model in too Re:No. I'm a lover of art too and would love to see any art you have done ^^


    1. thank you so much Clairey ^^ that honestly means so much :')
      hehe yes, Kera is soooooo good, with all the pics and different styles. and yep, I know who you mean, she's so pretty ^^ thank you again hun

  2. I love this kind of posts! Very interesting! I love your answers~
    KERA is my favourite magazine, too~ <3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. Oh wow, I actually knew most of these, now I feel like a stalker haha

    1. ahhhhhh haha well, you're a lovely stalker haha

  4. It's weird how many of these I already knew and we haven't even met haha!
    I can totally relate to you when it comes to the 20th. Hugs make me feel so awkward and uncomfortable and the only person I actually like getting them from is my boyfriend.


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